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An objective evaluation of your sleep will be needed before you can be treated for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and a board-certified sleep physician will need to make a diagnosis. Options for sleep testing include:

In-lab Overnight Sleep Study

This type of sleep study requires you to stay overnight at a sleep center, in a bed that may resemble a hotel room. You will sleep with sensors hooked up to various parts of your body. These sensors record you brain waves, heartbeat, breathing and movement. A board-certified sleep physician will then interpret the test data and provide a diagnosis. We will then discuss the test results with you in our office. We can provide a referral to our preferred in-lab sleep center if this is your choice.

Home Sleep Study

A home sleep study lets you sleep in the comfort of your own home while a small monitor collects data as you sleep. The testing equipment differs in that it is less complicated than what is used in-lab study. A sleep test device will be delivered to you and will arrive with information and instructions for use. Upon completion of the test, you will send back the device and a board-certified sleep physician will interpret the test data and send a report to our office. We will discuss the test results with you in our office. We will refer you to our in-home sleep test partners if this is your preference.


Is one study better than the other?
In short, no. While the in-lab study can provide more information, many people find it uncomfortable to be in a foreign environment with someone watching you sleep and therefore do not have the test done. Some home sleep studies require you to wear the device for two consecutive nights so there is more data available for diagnosis. The choice is usually yours, but the important thing is to get the test done so the appropriate treatment can be determined for you.

Are these sleep tests covered by insurance?
Most sleep tests are covered by your medical insurance including Medicare. Depending on your choice of test (In-lab or home) the administering facility/company will verify your insurance benefit and communicate total costs to you.

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