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Relaxation and dentistry in the same sentence?  Yes, we can do that!

According to the American Dental Association the number one reason patients do not visit the dentist is fear.  We get to know our patients and figure out the cause of their anxiety – that allows us to adjust what we do to fix the fear. 


Different people have different fears and so each of them need to be addressed differently. For example, for someone whose fear is based on sitting too far back in the chair - we can easily fix that by simply sitting the patient up for their dental visits. Yes, it’s sometimes harder and slower for our team but together with the patient, we get through the dentistry they need, and our patients get through their visit without the anxiety!


For patients who need the edge off, nitrous oxide is ideal.  Commonly referred to as laughing gas, dentists have been using it since 1844.  It provides a calm sense of well-being, sets in fast, has minimal side effects, and once the procedure is finished, the nitrous wears off in minutes so patients can safely drive home. To administer the nitrous, a sterilized mask is placed over the nose and worn throughout the dental procedure. Patients love this option!


For those who need more sedation, the next level is conscious oral sedation. Conscious oral sedation is achieved by a series of oral medication management. This provides you a relaxed atmosphere with minimal memory of the visit.  One of our team members is with you throughout the entire visit and your heart rate and oxygen levels are constantly monitored.  Medical clearance from your primary care physician is required for this type of sedation. Dr. Chicvak has been a certified oral sedation practitioner with the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation since 2015.


Need even more?  For the healthy patient, a greater level of sedation can be provided. If this route is the preferred method, we will coordinate your care with our board certified doctor of Anesthesiology for dental health and the procedures can be performed right in our offices.


For those patients who have significant special needs or medical issues, Dr. Chicvak has been providing general dental care in the operating rooms of Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital for over 30 years.

If you think sedation dentistry would be right for you, contact our office or request an appointment and experience
Dentistry Done Better!


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.



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