Oral Surgery

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Our overall goal is always to keep the teeth. But sometimes, this is not possible because of trauma, extensive decay, gum issues, impacted teeth (commonly found with wisdom teeth) and needing room in the mouth. Teeth that are not salvageable should be removed because of risk of pain, swelling and infection which usually occurs at the most inopportune time for you. We will recommend removal of the problem tooth through a surgical procedure called an extraction.

Other than wisdom teeth, you usually can't leave the space empty because that can lead to difficulty eating, speaking and changes in your bite and teeth position. It also causes changes to your smile, face shape and makes your face look older. We fix this by making a replacement tooth or prosthesis.

Options for Tooth Replacement

When a tooth or teeth are missing there are several options to replace them. A dental implant and implant crown are our preferred method of treatment because the result is the closest thing to your natural teeth. If an implant is not an option for you, there are many alternatives. Bridges, partial and complete dentures or no replacement at all. The decision comes down to your expectations and unique situation.

There are different forms of oral surgery we can provide beyond extractions including dental implants & bone grafts and treatment for TMJ/TMD.

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