Treating TMJ

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Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder, frequently called TMJ, is a group of conditions causing pain and loss of function to your lower face.  Between 5-10% of the population are affected by TMJ.  We see it in women more than men and 15% of the time in patients that suffer from chronic headaches. 

The temporomandibular joints are some of the most complicated in the body.  It is the only joint with a fixed endpoint (the teeth), it slides, it rotates, has a disk between the jaw and the skull and is connected to the other side of your face to its counterpart which does not allow each side to work independently. What happens to one side, affects the other. Because of this complexity, it’s important to have it treated carefully. Dr. Chicvak has studied TMJ/TMD extensively and successfully treated many patients with the disorder.

Common Symptoms of TMJ

Frequent headaches and/or migrainesHead and neck tenderness and/or muscle pain
Ear pain, stuffiness and loss of hearingJaw popping and clicking
DizzinessDifficulty opening and closing the jaw
Sinus painDifficulty chewing
Worn, sensitive and broken teethNeuralgia (neck and facial pain)
Notching on the outside of teethSleep apnea

Possible Causes of TMJ

Bruxism (grinding) and clenching teethTraumaOsteoarthritis
Daily Behavioral HabitsTooth and jaw misalignmentRheumatoid arthritis
Systemic disease like Fibromyalgia and LymeTrigeminalneuralgiaReferred pain
Side effects of medicationsDisc wear and dislocation


We follow the recommendations of The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research - the less is best approach. After a thorough evaluation and exam, we provide you with a customized routine of treatment which may include:

  • Changes to diet
  • Behavior modifications
  • Physical therapy routines including specific exercises
  • Medication 
  • A custom hard bite guard

Dr. Chicvak monitors your treatment results closely and will further customize as necessary. If we feel we cannot achieve the optimal results, we will refer you to one of our trusted colleagues who are orofacial specialists.

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