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Hands down the BEST dentist practicing. Very clean office, efficient staff, runs his operation very well. A+

Patient review submitted to October 10, 2017

Clean, efficient, friendly always a great job. The front desk is always friendly and accommodating. This is my third visit and I was extremely happy with my cleaning. My last visit was an emergency one and I was taken within a 2 hour notice to fill in a cavity that was giving me pain. Dr. Chicvak fit me in on my lunch break from work! Quick, painless and perfect. I am in the health care field and I can say that the level of professionalism in this practice is top notch. 
Thank you so much!

Patient review submitted to September 5, 2017

My 33-year-old son is disabled and has been treated by Dr. Chicvak for two months for sleep apnea. In the short 3-week space of time since he began wearing his oral appliance, he has already felt several large effects. No snoring. No need for daytime naps or very late waking up. More energy for daytime tasks. Dr. Chicvak was very clear and supportive in explaining to him what the oral appliance would do and what the gradual process of jaw muscle adjustment to it meant. It gave my son confidence.

Patient review submitted to July 25, 2017

This Doctor is one of the finest dentists that I have ever encountered in my 72 years on this planet. He is honest, sensitive and highly skilled with a great personality and most of all, genuine. My entire immediate family has been treated by Doctor Chicvak for almost two decades. My wife, children and I myself have always been impressed by his expertise and caring. This is the guy you want to visit when in need of dental services, no other, I have been to the others, it's a crap shoot!

Patient review submitted to July 11, 2017

Everyone at Dr. Chicvak's is so pleasant & friendly!  I always have a good experience here. The whole staff seems truly concerned about my health and they address every minor issue I may have. (For example, 6 months ago I mentioned a small issue,  meanwhile it went away and I forgot about it,  but Dr. Chicvak still asked me about it at my last visit)

Patient review submitted to April 28, 2017

Dr. Chicvak is a knowledgeable, professional and friendly dentist! He came recommended to me by a friend after I had a very bad experience with a previous dentist and was looking for a new dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. Chicvak to anyone in need of a dentist!

Patient review submitted to April 10, 2017 

I chipped my tooth over the weekend and they were able to fit me in right away. The filling is perfect and the experience was completely painless!

Patient review submitted to March 7, 2017

I am so delighted that my son recommended Dr. Chicvak. The office staff is very friendly and knowledgeable . And I am so happy with my new crown, both in the way it looks, and the way it fits..Dr. Chicvak has a very light touch , and he will not let you leave until you are absolutely comfortable with any work he has performed.. I also experienced the best cleaning I have had in any dental office. I can recommend Dr. Chicvak and the entire staff, without any reservation.

Patient review submitted to January 12, 2017

Dr. Chicvak has taken care of my teeth for almost 30 years, in my opinion he is a great clinician & a terrific dentist who helped rebuild my dentition from a crumbling mess years ago to a nearly full, workable set of good looking teeth! He is also a great human being and one of the most humane men I know, my hat is always off to him!

Patient review submitted to November 1, 2016

Dr. Chicvak was refereed to me by a family member and I'm glad I listened to them. About a month ago I got a check up and full cleaning. There hygienist was amazing, I felt like I had a new mouth. Today I had a visit for a root canal. I have a huge fear of dental offices and any type of dental work but dr. Chicvak and his staff were very accommodating to make me feel relaxed about the procedure. I'll definitely be back for future visits :)

Patient review submitted to October 31, 2016

Everything about this office is amazing!!!!!, the front desk people are super nice for starters. I personally really hate people touching my mouth and even a cleaning makes me want to cry! BUT all the dentists and hygienists here are amazing, I told them about my hatred for the dentist and they either numb my both or do things without causing pain, amazing! Would recommend them to anyone!

Simply the best doctor experience I've ever had! Comfortable office, caring team!

Patient review submitted to July 31, 2016

I've been seeing Dr. Chicvak for over 12 years! Have referred many family and friends because he is simply the BEST dentist! Everyone on his team is top notch. Always works with my schedule too - he does everything at his office so no need to go to another Doctor and have multiple visits! My children have been seeing him as well since they were babies and my older parents see him too. Easy to get the entire family check ups at one place!!

Patient review submitted to July 31, 2016

Exceptional in every regard. Caring staff, knowledgeable and gentle hands, made me feel safe and well cared for. Would highly recommend. Best dentist experience ever.

Patient review submitted to July 22, 2016

I moved to Florida and prefer to fly to NY to Dr. Chicvack's office because I feel like at home. An office with a very relaxed environment and very nice staff.

Patient review submitted to May 18, 2016

Office Note:  Healthgrades does not allow us to respond to reviews on their site so we are responding here:

We’re very sorry to hear that this was your experience in our practice. It’s our policy to offer a very high standard of care and to do everything possible to provide each patient with outstanding service and provide treatment options when possible. We’d welcome a chance to try to resolve this issue in person – and we invite you to please contact our office directly so we can address your concerns and help explain any possible confusion.  

Patient review submitted to May 5, 2016

Patient review submitted to March 8, 2016

Patient review submitted to March 8, 2016

this is probably the best dental clinic I have ever been to. Dr Chicvak is outstanding always making me feel comfortable. The dental hygienist is so wonderful too. No judgement! First time that happened. They also use state of the art technology. The dental hygienist scans one's teeth and they monitor differences in gums etc. I had a crown done and it was so well managed. And I nearly forgot! The front desk staff are amazing. So friendly. They also send out an email to remind you of your appointment and also let you know about available ones.

Patient review submitted to March 1, 2016 

I never thought emergency root canal could be so easy and pain free! Dr. Chicvak is the best.

Patient review submitted to February 16, 2016

Dr. Chicvak is a really great dentist. I just needed emergency root canal and it was painless and I got an appointment right away. Silvano also does a wonderful job cleaning your teeth. Office staff are friendly and helpful. What more could you ask for?

Patient review submitted to February 16, 2016

The most gentle dental visits I've ever had! His care and attention to details is evident from the moment I sat in the chair. I have my whole family going to this office! Thank you Dr. Chicvak and thank you to your whole staff! Very pleasant experience!

Patient review submitted to February 15, 2016

Great office, friendly staff. Dr. Chicvak is so professional and thorough. He explains every procedure. The dental hygienist is absolutely wonderful! I have never had such a great, pain free cleaning!! Looking forward to my next visit. 

Patient review submitted to February 8, 2016

Dr. Chicvak is all you could ask for in a dentist - professional, courteous and kind - and Silvano does a fantastic cleaning. The office staff are friendly and helpful. If you have have bad experiences in the past with dentists, fear no more. Trust me, I just had an emergency root canal that was pain free and easy peasy.

Patient review submitted to February 2016

 Exemplary dentist, staff, and office. One feels very well cared for, comfortable, "in good hands".  

Patient review submitted to November 2015

I must say my experience with Dr. Chicvak was very pleasant... Not something you usually connect up with the dentist!  He was very gentle and considerate of my angst! I have to say I left there feeling very different about going to the dentist!! If dentistry scares you, Dr. Chicvak is the one to see!! He will put you right at ease!  Thank you!

Patient review submitted to on July 28, 2015 

Have been going to Dr. Chicvak for many years. He is a consummate professional and a superb clinician. Sil the hygienist is extremely competent in his area of expertise.  Excellent in all the various procedures over the years.

Patient review submitted to on July 23, 2015


I have been going to Dr. Chicvak for YEARS! I've referred many family and friends because he is absolutely the best at what he does. The entire office is a notch above the rest - I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else! My sister, who is terrified of anything to do with a dentist, is finally comfortable now that she started going to Dr. Chicvak. 

Patient review submitted to on July 16, 2015

Tried this dentist after getting recommendations and researching him. He IS all that!!!  An excellent experience-who ever says that about a dental visit!?!?  The entire staff was warm and accommodating and even though there were other patients there, I felt like I was the only one there!  Dr was awesome - very knowledgeable, professional and funny!!

Patient review submitted to on July 2, 2015 

Kind sweet and wonderful Doctor

Verified patient review submitted to

Amazing office! Takes all the "old time fear" out of a dental appointment. The doctor, hygienist, and staff treat you like their only patient, explaining everything, answering all questions and making sure you are comfortable at all times. I understand they are now doing sedation dentistry! I've got to spread the word among my "dental phobic" friends!

Verified patient review submitted to

Excellent Dental care in a warm office atmosphere. Dr. Chicvak has amazing skills & is attentive and answers all questions clearly. Takes the necessary time with you. Excellent service all around. This dental office is at another level! 

Verified patient review submitted to

The Dr and staff were kind and efficient. Extremely caring people to not only me, but my family. I feel fortunate that I found them

Verified patient review submitted to

Doctor is great it was an emergency appt problem was to my satisfaction.

Verified patient review submitted to

I have been a patient of Dr. chicvak for many years. I have always received the best treatment in a very professional manner. Everyone is pleasant in the office and his hygienist is excellent.

Verified patient review submitted to

On time all the time! No problems!! Great dentist!!! Been a patient for many years!!!

Verified patient review submitted to

Excellent dentist and a caring person. He now moved his practice from Great Neck to Roslyn. It is a distance for me so I will have to see if I want to continue. But, he is such an excellent dentist, that I feel I may just take the hike.

Patient review submitted to on April 21, 2015

I have been treated by Dr. Chicvak for many years.   Dr. Chicvak is a true professional! His work ethic is unsurpassed, and his competence in his field is superior. Dr. Chicvak also devotes his time to teaching dental students and works one day a week in a clinical setting supervising the students. I cannot praise him and his dental hygienist, Silvano, enough!

Patient review submitted to on September 2, 2014

Dr. Chicvak has been my dentist for over 15 years and I recommend him to everyone. You will not find a more qualified and compassionate doctor!

Patient review submitted to on April 14, 2014

Dr. Chicvak and his team are amazing. They approach everything they do with utmost care. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else!

Patient review submitted to on March 5, 2014

I had a great experience.  I went to five different consults, and Dr. Chicvak was the only doctor that was willing to perform the procedure.  I'm so happy he was able to help me out when so many other doctors were unwilling.  Everything seems to be going great with the work, and I would highly recommend him…

Excerpt from a patient review submitted to on July 21, 2011

He is very professional and knowledgeable. He is a teacher; he knows everything that you need to know about anything in the field. He is very clean, he has a great personality.  He has been my dentist for years now. He works on my family also, and he's worked with them for over 10 years. 

He does all types of dentistry in his practice. He does everything there and his office is one stop for everything. He is always available for me, which is very good. He is very qualified and easily accessible. His office is very modern and clean.

Excerpts from a patient review submitted to on November 29, 2010

He is always nice, very funny, and helps you feel at ease during procedures.

Patient review submitted to on August 30, 2010

He is always very thorough with his exam. At a recent visit he found something on his exam that truly saved my life - a small sore in my mouth that could easily have been overlooked. Because he was so careful I was able to have what turned out to be a tumor, removed. Thankfully - he is as smart as he is nice! 

Patient review submitted to on October 7, 2009

NO one likes to go to the Dentist but Dr. Chicvak made it a pleasant experience. Not only was he and his staff super friendly, he's actually a funny guy (bet not many people can say that about their dentist). His interaction with children is excellent -- Really makes them feel comfortable. Definitely go to this Dentist!

Patient review submitted to on September 29, 2005 

Great Dentist! Very nice pleasant experiance. I highly recommend Dr. Chicvak. The best Dentist I have been to by far!

Patient review submitted to on November 23, 2004


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